That's not a flat, THIS is a flat...

Flathunting continues, without any tangible progress. I viewed a particularly strange flat on Blair St. It was just off Courtenay Pl. surrounded by bars. There was a small doorway leading to two flights of stairs. At the top there was a cavernous lounge and doors in every direction. The landlord told me it was a 16 bedroom place. Never in my pathetic sheltered existence have I seen a flat with even half as many bedrooms.

The room was nice enough, but obviously I didn't get to meet all my 15 prospective flatmates. I asked one of the guys that was there whether any of the flatmates would have a say as to who moved in. He said it was pretty much a case of the first person to front up with the bond to the landlord. It's kinda like a boarding house, or a hostel, but without a manager present and only one bathroom. What's more, I don't remember any locks on the bedroom doors.

Imagine one of your old high school classrooms, kick out one half of the pupils. Now imagine living with the remainder. It'd be a statistical near-impossibility for there not to be an asshole in the group. This place must have flatmate politics worthy of the Balkans. I didn't see any UN peacekeepers so the international community might've already given up. The kitchen, well, it looked just how you'd imagine the kitchen of a 16 member student flat would look.

I really really have to find a flat soon, so I'd consider moving in, but I've got possessions I'd miss if they were stolen/drop kicked/buried/painted offensive colours.

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