Two months - still not CEO

Work has basically been more of the same. It's a struggle for me; I'm just too much of a n00b to make a good, quick job of rewriting the I/O system.

Around me there's a team going through submission hell. This is the part of a console game's development when the developer considers the game ready for release, and hands it off to the publisher and the console manufacturer for final testing. And again. And again. And again, until the game finally stops getting failed.

The publisher is usually pretty reasonable: they have at least a cashflow motivation to get the game out the door. On the other hand, the console company has all the time in the world, and the fear that half-baked games will damage the reputation of their platform. They compile lengthy checklists and are very particular about making sure the game meets them.

If you've ever wondered why playstation games always talk about not removing the Memory Card (8MB, PS2) in Memory Card Slot 1 during saving, it's because of the checklist.

I'm noticing the team go through several emotional phases:
1. Apprehension
2. Disappointment
3. Irritation
4. Anger
5. Cynicism
6. Apathy
7. Laughter
8. Optimism
9. Despair
10. Repeat from #6 till #9

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