Stuff from gift shops I wish I'd bought

Chairman Mao Alarm Clock

A little mechanical alarm clock with a smiling Mao on the face, surrounded by adoring workers. It even had his salute arm attached to the pendulum, so he waves back and forth (ala an Elvis pendulum clock). As hilarious as it is creepy.

“It’s Mao-o’clock! Time to rise! Rise up, people, rise up!”

Tabby Scarf

“Hey, look at these furs in this stall! I didn’t know you could get marmalade, gingery coloured ferrets or mink.” I paused. “Wait… there’s something familiar about those tails…”

“Craig, those are cat skins.”

I really should’ve got one for my sister, she’d scream with delight.

And the same stall had German Shepard floor rugs too!

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