Day Job Announced!

swcwrhI can finally say what I’m working on! It’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.

Or as I prefer to call it, Craig Timpany’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes: Episode 1: Watch Out For Bears. They still let me master submission discs, so who knows, maybe that’ll be the final title.

Here’s the press release.

Naturally I’ve got to be pretty careful about what I say about projects in public (Hi employers! It’s good to see I’m developing some Google pagerank), so if you read this post aloud, you should read it in the manner of someone who has a gun held to their head.

If there’s one thing I hate about working in console games, it’s the bullshit secrecy around projects. You spend 75% of the time unable to say anything about your job, and the remaining 25% unable to say anything candid. There’s really only one reason for it: if you ration out information, you gain control over media coverage. Journalists will do terrible things for an exclusive. Never believe anything you read in a preview. Only pay attention to reviews.

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