Jetpack Planetoids Prototype

jetpackplanetoids One revision of the Glob Arena prototype had way too much recoil on the glob launcher. You could push yourself into high orbit with the thing. It was kind of fun, but it broke the game. I’ve taken that and turned it into a game in itself.

This prototype tests using these controls to navigate a 3D space. It’s an interesting set-up for me. I’ve always tended to prefer linear movement (i.e. hit left to move left) over angular steering in fast action games. These controls held the promise of using only 2 control axes to move in 3D (rather than the more traditional 4), yet still retaining the ability to sidestep projectiles.

The controls are reasonably effective, but playtesting this game is giving me a headache! Ceding control over the camera orientation to some dodgy heuristic doesn’t help with motion sickness. Particularly when the camera somersaults if you pass by a Lagrangian Point.

I think this a pretty good indication I should try something different. The Windows executable is here (5MB).
Play it on the web.

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