Orbital Billiards Revisited

I was all set to go off in a totally new prototyping direction, but for some reason my thoughts kept returning to the first Mostly Tigerproof prototype: Orbital Billiards. The prototype UI had a lot of really obvious problems, so perhaps I was hasty to consider the game concept a dead end.

I’ve made some improvements that should make it more of a game and less of a physics toy:

  • A prediction line for the cue ball’s path.
  • You can rotate the globe to view the reverse side.
  • Single player score keeping.
  • It’s properly turn-based this time, instead of letting you strike the ball any time.
  • Twice as many pockets, twice as many balls. The pockets are now arranged around the globe in a tetrahedral formation. The starting configuration has a rack of six balls placed at the centre of each tetrahedron face. I’m hoping this gives the player far more viable shots than the old set-up with pockets at the North and South poles.
Play it on the web here.

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