Pinballesque v0.04

More Pinballesque!

  • A new table: a proof of concept for multi-level tables. It’s a rough cut to try out two sets of flippers. The idea is that there’s a high risk/high reward upper table with really wide set flippers, and if you lose the ball, you can still recover it on the easier, narrower table.
  • In an attempt to shorten the aiming learning curve, I’m displaying a prediction line when the ball is resting on a flipper. I also show the full range of angles that can result from the flipper position.
  • Simplified gamepad controls to moving flippers in sync with each other, instead of each stick moving a flipper independently. It didn’t add much and made it much harder to learn. You can use both thumbsticks in unison to move the flippers faster.
  • The gap between the flippers is now constant. I used to keep one flipper near the centre to make juggling from flipper to flipper easier, but it’s kind of redundant now that the ball has more friction force from flipper movement.
I changed the GUI from ImGUI to NGUI in preparation to do the bulk of the UI screens. (I’m thinking Jetpack Joyride-style minigoals). NGUI is frustrating the hell out of me. Anchored objects work fine for a little while, then freak out and go walkies later on, and I still haven’t been able to identify why. The featureset of NGUI sounds awesome, but I wonder how much of it is riddled with bugs?

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